Speak the word of God

Satan doesn’t have brains! Seriously, How can he try to tempt Jesus Christ – The Son Of God. Think about it, if devil tried with Jesus then we too are prone.

Now say this to yourself, “I am the Son of God. How can you tempt me? Get away satan!”

If you can say with all confidence, then you won your status.

Devil tries to trick and tempt especially when we are weak. In Mathew 4, we see Jesus weak and famished after heavy fasting. The immediate need for Him was water and food. And what can be expected in wilderness. Nothing!

Jesus was hungry and devil knew the need of Jesus and offered a help. But Jesus denied his help with the word of God. No compromise in loosing the Sonship.

Sometimes when we are weak, few relationships creep up to comfort and help us. Beware! We need to know whether they are to edify or kill us.

I knew a boy who was 18, ended his life due to one and only loyal friend. His story started with a divorced parents who tore him to pieces emotionally. After shuffling him to and fro they pushed him to a hostel where he knew nothing but loneliness. One day a young boy of his same age, stretched his hands of friendship. He didn’t have anyone apart from him. After few months he brought his girl friend and said to take care of her for few days as he was traveling to his home town. And this was a total secret. But the warden caught him the next day. How much ever they asked him, he didn’t open his mouth. When his loyal friend turned in, the authorities asked whether he knew something about the girl. He looked at her and said “I don’t know anything.Who is she?” once again he was shattered to pieces. Last person on earth whom he loved and trusted had turned his back. Complain was raised to his guardian but the next day, the hostel was in chaos. Everyone screamed on the top of their voices seeing him hung on the ceiling. News spread for few days and as usual it became a history. Devil succeeded in having his soul through few words of a so called loyal friend. I felt bad for him and that’s all I could do.

Many times We, the strong Christians who are well fed with the word, are going through the phase of betrayal and discouragements. These are the times when devil brings new relationships in the name of comfort and various means. Know it! If you get a hint of stinky smell, get back from such people and places.

Jesus also faced it but He used His sword to come back-The word of God.
Let’s not give our mind to the satan, but use the sword to stand against all odds. Its there in your tongue. Speak it out with boldness “Get back you satan”

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Prophet Jonah: confused Man

Starting of this book makes me Giggle. “How on the world Jonah can respond like this?”

Jonah was a privileged ‘Man of Honor’. He was one of the prophets who didn’t experience much persecution because the days he served were of a ‘favorable year of Israelites’ from God.His mission was to receive and deliver the word of God to the Israel nation.

Read Jonah 1:1-3. The word of the Lord comes to Jonah on verse 2 ‘Cry against Ninevah about their nearing judgement because of their extreme wickedness’ but we see Jonah fleeing away from his mission at verse 3. I am surprised to see how fast he ran away from his position of a prophet.

Why did Jonah do that?”. It is because his conscience ruled over God’s perfect will.

God’s will towards His creation was to have a regular fellowship with Him. But sin creeped in the middle and changed the whole situation. As we all know, God and sin can’t reign together but at the same time He is a very merciful and compassionate God. Many people think His love towards Gentiles begins from epistles. It’s not. Saving Ninevah was a great example of His love towards Gentiles.

Jonah found this mission very difficult because he got too used serving in a bed of roses.


He missed analyzing the whole picture. Let’s see….

Jonah, the prophet: He forgot his divine position and responsibility. He was called to receive and deliver the word. But he kept a boundary saying “I am chosen to speak to only chosen generation’. Many times, we too run away from our primary responsibility thinking our sector is limited.But God has a wider plan for His children.

Ninevah, wicked nation:Ninevah was a wicked,strong gentile nation and they deserve to be punished by an angry God of israel nation”. Many times we judge people seeing their actions and backgrounds. We never bother to go and minister to them thinking “they are unchangeable”.God always gives a second chance.


Ninevah, strong city: Ninevah was filled with wickedness which reached till heaven. Murder is a piece of cake for them. Jonah confronting them in their nation is like walking into a lion’s den. At times, we avoid such places forgetting that God wants us to be there. Remember His words “if God is for us, who can be against us?”. Be bold and get into the action zone.

God is not a crocodile!: This saying may be silly but Jonah thought that way, atleast that moment. He considered God as territorial. He thought ‘if I leave this place,God will surely assign the work to someone else’. God created heaven and Earth. If He speaks to us in Australia, we will hear the same in Antartica.

Running away from God’s presence is a most funniest solution one can think of.

First kneels, then feet: Jonah didn’t wait upon the Lord after hearing His voice. Instead of kneeling down and seeking Him, he got into His feet and start running. How many times we missed conversing with God? In times of confusion, do not take a decision.Fast and Pray and then you will be strengthened with scriptures and His promises.

Money and Energy gone waste: I don’t know whether Jonah took a glass of water in the middle of his hurry burry packing. He must have walked to and fro in his room.Perspiring and struggling in search of money. Often we misuse our energy and money into places where God doesn’t want us to invest.

Jonah entered into a mess after knowing God’s will. How about us?

Running away from God’s presence is not a right solution. But waiting and leaning upon Him makes us the right person.

Presently, God have placed us in a very comfortable place and out of blue our pastor calls up and says “Your called to preach in a village nearby”,where there will be no fancy transport or wifi for a hobby. How could we react?
Do we Pray and seek God for confirmation or will we walk off saying “This is not His will”.
The place where you start off may be bed of roses but suddenly it may turn stinky, dark and then no way out. It will be too late for us  to come back.

There will be times when He will call you to walk in the midst of thorns to reach the golden gates of heaven.
Be ready to get into the circle of his perfect will.
It can be a place of rock or place of roses. He designed our life for a purpose and incline our ears to His word and Obey. Because the Belly of a whale is not a place of pleasant trip.

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Discipleship Group: Leaders need to follow few steps

Did your pastor asked you to lead a discipleship group? Then, congrats but follow what Jesus did in his ministry.

Fast and Pray: Jesus, before he stepped into ministry, fasted and prayed for 40 days where then he encountered and defeated satan. This is to strengthen our soul, mind and body.

Choose Your People: Jesus didn’t close his eyes and chose his disciples. But He walked around and picked up from various places. Many times we go on inviting people to our group. I am not saying that’s wrong but it may not turn effective. Seek God before you call people for the group.

No Partiality: We tend to call people whom we are comfortable.Jesus called from fisherman to Tax collector. It Should be a mixed group so that one can learn from each other about their challenges and lifestyles.

All are Welcome: 70 were following Jesus along with 12. But when they the word of God hit their life styles and ideologies, they left Him. So don’t worry if more people come. If God doesn’t want them to be in your Group, they will leave.And I am sure, someone else will be ordained for them. But do not say NO to anyone.

Word of God: Major element for the group. Word of God is the foundation. If it’s not taught Properly, then the group will collapse. Jesus was preaching and teaching wherever He went.

Take your disciples along: Group leaders job is not a one day job. Are you going for a house visit, take them along. Are you going to pray for the sick, take them along. They have to be in the field of ministry. Enough of comfort zone. But be careful! Do not do this from day one. Be Spirit Led.

Travel: Jesus travelled across the cities. He didn’t go alone but He took His disciples. Are you planning to go from China to Europe for a meet. Take your family along with you and a group member. So you get time to build your ministry and family.

Next line leader: Observe each one during and after the group. Jesus didn’t make James, John and Peter as the next leaders over night. He spend time with them, knew their heart and then chose. It’s very important to multiply the groups and make sure you hit the target  in 3 months.

Two by Two: Release them. They can’t be pampered under your wings. Give them some experience. Let them explore the ministry world. Jesus send His disciples in two’s with instruction. They preached, healed and drove out the demons.

Prayer partners: Group leaders doesn’t mean that you are the ultimate and you don’t need help. When crisis hits, someone needs to stand along. Instead of going to your pastor (nothing wrong), why can’t you go to your disciples and ask them for prayer. Jesus asked Peter, James and John to pray, during His last moments.

Chasten and Rebuke: If you see your disciple speaking or doing something wrong, do correct them. If it’s necessary to be done in public,do it otherwise your can do it in private. When Judas spoke about Mary wasting the perfume, Jesus didn’t agree to his pious statement but He said to leave her alone. Peter was called ‘Satan’ by Jesus when he spoke against the will of God.

Don’t expect all your group members to be faithful till the end. After three and half years of talking the being along, Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter denied Jesus, John fled naked when Jesus was arrested.

Expect the unexpected from people. But God is faithful. Even though John fled, He was near the cross till Jesus’s death. Put your heart and soul into your discipleship group ministry. You will have a JOHN in your life.

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Prayer: Key for Success.

Prayer is the key for a successful ministry.

I lead a discipleship group at my home every week and I know it is a big task given to each and every Christian in this world. But slowly this mission got diluted in my life.

Many times we take our ministries granted. And One of them is small groups. When I was given a chance to lead, I was extremely happy and thrilled. I said “I will make sure I am doing my job right and good”to myself. And I did it. Every week I prayed and prepared the notes with hunger and thirst. But slowly my hunger faded. I did just for the sake of doing it. There was no passion in me.

I had to give weekly report to my pastor and that became my driving force. I didn’t want to put myself down in front of other leaders. My motive towards the small group changed. It was just ME. Weeks went by and I noticed that instead of multiplying, my people started giving me reasons for not coming. Not one was genuine. I was so bitter and angry with people and started small lectures about commitment. Nothing was successful.

Finally a day came, where I was totally broken. I prepared my notes and was waiting for people to walk in.My phone starts vibrating and messages started popping.’I am not available’ with multiple reasons was the content. I felt so ignored. I went inside my room and cried and poured my heart to Jesus.

“Lord, you know my heart. I sacrificed my time preparing notes about your word. And look at the people whom you have given. They are not interested in your word. They are not listening to any of my words. How can they do this to a leader?”

“Are you a leader?” was the reply.
I was astonished to hear that question. What did He really mean by asking that question. Am I not?

“Lord, I am. Church leadership chose me!”

“Of course they did. It’s because I told them to. My question was not about the Tag given to you but it’s about your heart. To be much more clear, What are you doing for the given people?”

I was stuck. I didn’t know what and how to answer. I felt some kind of shame inside me which was indescribable. Yes! I failed God. I thought only about me And my position. I failed to be a shepherd. I missed the key.

I felt so miserable about my irresponsibility. I was so self focused. I never knew or taken initiative to know why they couldnt make it up for the group. I was so mean and selfish. That minute was not to focus on what i didn’t do but It was time to turn to His merciful arms. I knelt down and wept “SORRY Jesus for disappointing you”

Once again i cried out to Him and said “Lord, I am really sorry about what I was doing with my people. Please cleanse my heart and help me to be burdened for them. Holy Spirit, please come into me and give me an fresh anointing to lead and love my people. I want to be with my first love always. Amen”

I heard the bell rang once, twice then thrice. When I opened my room I saw my house was filled with people who said ‘I am not available’. I didn’t know the second chance was so soon.
I slowly went near everyone and hugged them. I saw myself seeing them with different eyes. Yes! I wore the glasses prescribed by Jesus with point ‘LOVE’ and I am believing it will never be removed from my eyes.

From the next day onwards, I started praying for each one of them Individually and their needs.I see them every week smiling in my home with their testimonies.

I am happy that I got my key back where I unlocked new relationships ordained with divine love.

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Eve’s one bite

I was reading Genesis 3 and noticed how we go through the same situations daily….


Every morning was a great morning for them. Both, Adam and Eve roams around the garden, helping each other to keep the garden wonderful and to have a good balanced diet.

Suddenly out of the blue, the most cunning creature appears the screen. Remember, that they didn’t know who was satan. Only One person who had communication with them was God and His striking words  “You shall not eat it nor shall touch it, lest you die”. Isn’t that a simple command to obey. Eve had a privilege to eat every fruit of the garden except this one.

Wasn’t it attractive all the days where she walked around? Wasn’t it pleasant to her eyes before?. Yes, it was. But she didn’t give much attention to it as it was a NO from her Friend, God.

Now, Two important reasons for her to fall on the trap was:


She was all Alone. Imagine, if Adam was with her. I am sure they must have discussed and came to a conclusion not to go for it.


Conversation with satan.He was really good in throwing questions and giving a convincing answers.

Remember how he tried to tempt Jesus?Satan slowly injected his nature into her. How he wanted to be like God, and then when he failed he wanted everyone else to be fallen and unfortunately he succeeded.

Eve fell in the trap and took a bite. This one bite opened their eyes to the world of sin. Notice that at this point, there was no snake around. Because, his business was over. He went to celebrate his victory.

Even now we often fail Him. There are many reasons behind our fallen times. We like to deal our issues alone and this is when satan comes and whispers unnecessary things into us. Slowly, it gets into us and we fall into his trap. This will end up in ‘feeling guilty, I can’t look to God anymore’ situation.

Never be alone, when you know you need someone.

There are forbidden places. Change your direction to have a good fellowship with the Christian brothers and sisters. This is where a church play’s an amazing role.

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Day for Library

via Daily Prompt: Silence

This happened before ten years…..

As taught from my childhood, my everyday was a good day. But I always liked Monday more just because of the Library period.

when I hear the bell ring, my feet rushes to the library. I pick some book which hits my eye and dive deep into it. I get so deep with my reading that it’s like I am in a time machine.

One shiny tiny book came to my notice. I didn’t stop to see the title as it was well wrapped by a blue sheet. ‘Who cares about the title’.To my amazement, i realised it was a personal note of my professor. Being a rank holder I wanted to return the book but out of curiosity I ignored my position. I opened the first page….

“Jesus is a great example of SILENCE”. What? I’ve heard that Jesus was a preacher and teacher. That sentence was something new to me…..

Looking here and there, I slowly slid into a chair and started with the next page

Jesus is a great example for me in maintaining Silence. He was beaten and mocked by His own and when He was given a chance to clear His name, He kept silent. Because He knew there is no use. They don’t or will not understand the real purpose of His presence among them. Same thing is with me, my students don’t realise the real purpose of my presence among them. They think I am here for my monthly salary and few blabbering. Yesterday, I met with a very talented girl who labelled all her projects as useless. I know her talents and asked what is the reason behind her ignorance. First thing she asked me was “who are you to ask me? Are you my professor?”. I wanted to reply her that I was concerned about her but I knew my words will be in vain to her. I tried Silence as my solution. And she walked off. Lord Jesus, please help her to understand who she is and what she is capable of. Reveal to her the purpose.Amen”

How could he pray for me?

I closed the book and walked straight to him with tears. I apologised for being rude to him and for reading his note.

“Sir, I don’t know how could you pray for me. But I am sure your Jesus made this to happen. I want to know more about Him.Can you guide me?”

He smiled at me and said “This way….”

I never knew that there is a such a huge section of books of Jesus in my library. I got no idea, why my eyes was stuck there but from that day onwards, all days were like Monday’s.



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What is your Intention behind your prayer?

“Lord, don’t you see me weeping? Why are you not merciful? Show kindness to me. Please give me a dazzling Red, Seven seater car so that I can serve you”. 

Wait…I have heard this prayer before. Let me think……..

It’s not only you, everyone has prayed the prayer at least once in their life time. Only the need may be different.  There is nothing wrong in asking God for a beautiful seven seater dazzling red car. Remember we are humans! And God knows that 🙂

It depends upon the intention behind our prayer.
Are we praying for a car, because our call for ministry is in a place where there is no public transport?
How about motor bikes? Can’t they carry you…
How about taking a lift from your neighbour? Won’t they allow you in….
Or more worse, do you want to show to your fellow brethren that you too have’A CAR’.

Think before you pray. Check whether what you ask for, is to glorify God or to glorify yourself.

If you really want to glorify God through your car, wait! He knows when and what to give.But never stop praying. God loves to hear things from us 🙂

Never wait for the car and then serve God but Serve God and receive the car as a gift from God.


Seek Ye first the kingdom of God, and the rest shall be added unto you. It can be a car, bungalow, beach house or a single meal. Will be Added 🙂

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How to deal with your servant? : few practical tips

My friend was pretty frustrated when she came to me.
“I need a good servant. Please pray for me”
“But, you said you got one last week”
“Oh! She is not good. She continuously  murmurs and biblically it’s not good for her to be in my house. You know how much I hate murmuring.”
“Did you tell her to stop murmuring and behave”
” No, I didn’t. Why should I? She is a good church going lady. Doesn’t she know the basics. Anyway forget it! Pray for me”

This is the prayer point which was going around almost two years from her side. In two years there was minimum of ten servants who said BYE to her. So what was the real problem?

Sometimes, it is hard to accept the fact that WE are the problem. I have been like her till I read and understood the depth of Colossians 4:1

“Masters, give your slaves what is just and fair, knowing that you also have a master in heaven”.

It doesn’t speak about money alone but also being fair with them.
We have to understand them from their perspective.Being a servant is not a dream profession of anyone. They come because of their needs and illiteracy. They will nod their head for every work asked for in the beginning. They open their survival kit  serving with smile, speaking with grace, walking in silence. But when the days go by, they face the reality. To be clear, they show up who they are.Waking up early in the morning, taking orders from each one of the family, doing the daily chores even when their body can’t stretch much, picking up heavy things, cleaning the lawn provokes their frustration which end up talking to themselves which we call murmuring. Try Putting ourselves in their place.

We see many professionals coming back home throwing their tantrums on the wife and children. Even the pets get bugged:)

How can we deal with servants?

Remember Colossians 4:1. We have a master who is watching our daily life. He will not throw us out of His hands if we are angry or frustrated.

1.Be patient.
2.Do not throw your tantrums to them
3.Speak with grace as the bible says so
4.Try to spend some time in talking. (Just imagine, no one talks with you in the office when your around them? you end up speaking to yourselves)
5.Give some time for them to get settled
6. Don’t Overload. Understand their gender and age. (For example, you can’t ask a lady to pick up a ten kg rice bag and walk for a kilometre to reach home. That’s terrible. Do not compare them with your neighbour’s servant)
7.Give some time to take a nap in the afternoon. They will be fresh to start over.
8.Don’t give them too much to do list for a day.(Like washing 15 clothes a day. Instead split their job)
9.Make sure they eat three time meal on time
10.Once a month take them along with you even if it’s grocery shopping
11.Allow them to sleep on time with a silent environment. (Will you sleep with your musicsystem on?)
12.Observe their health. If you see them weak, take them to hospital (Good for you and them)
13.Once in a while, buy something special for them

Few things for a master to follow:


1.Address the issue in the beginning.(if you don’t like murmuring or speaking back, tell them or you end up hearing daily)
2.Tell them their to-do list in the first day of their work, otherwise they may feel they are overloaded
3.Do not allow them to sleep more than what they need Or they will become lazy bug
4.Speak for the right salary. Not too low or not too high. Remember Paul’s writing. “Worthy of wages”. Give them what their worth of
5.Be stern but also be gentle. Try to balance!
6.Never allow them to speak harsh to your children. You are the parent, and only you have the right to correct them.
10.Do not allow them to speak to your guests. This will bring the sense of their position. Nothing wrong in it!     

Above are only few things but you know yourself and your house.

More than anything, every morning pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom to deal with them wisely. Who knows whether it was God’s decision for that servant to work for you and minister to them. Never loose your opportunity because of being provoked by your emotions.

Let not your emotion rule you but you be the boss of your emotion.

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Cookie a day: God Uses Difficult Times In One’s Life For The Blessings Of Others And Yourself

This Is a message from spiritual minefield and I loved it:)

Absolutely true. I have been in many troubles and have passed the phase with great difficulty. But I see many coming to me and asking what to do?. It’s easy to comfort others when we say ‘I totally understand. I too went this process”.
Praise God in all situations.


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Break free and walk free: Satan under your feet

We saw the Israelites short comings in my last blog. Now let’s see how enemy enters when one is weak.

Pharaoh who don’t know or believe in Yahweh realised the strength of the Israelites.So he called up a meeting with his officials and made others look into the matter. Let’s see…

Exodus 1:8-10

8 Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt. 9 “Look,” he said to his people, “the Israelites have become far too numerous for us. 10 Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more numerous and, if war breaks out, will join our enemies, fight against us and leave the country.”

In the above verses we see a new enemy creeping in. The pharaoh. I was wondering how come the new pharaoh didn’t know about Joseph. Was he not taught? Or Was it hidden from his eyes because God wanted to. Whatever the reason may be, the era of oppression was begun.


All these days the officials didn’t realise the strengths of Israelites. Israelites were the common man of the land. But God revealed because God’s count down started. All about His Perfect Timing!

Look how pharaoh’as thoughts were. He was very futuristic. He knew what Israel was capable of and so, he realised direct dealing with the people is not wise.He planned everything shrewdly. First he gave a small amount of burden then slowly he increased their working hours with whipping and beating. Mentally he made the Israelites think they are slaves and had to depend completely on Egyptians for one portion of bread. Sadly, They ended as they thought. Everyday was a horror for them.

Think about it. Sometimes we are also like Israelites. We don’t know how much capable we are. We get so disappointed, dissatisfied, discouraged, angry, upset with ourselves and others. We set boundaries around our lives. We never think about opening and giving space for God to come in, and intervene. Do not do the mistake of our forefathers.

Do not give space to the satan to speak into our lives. Satan is intelligent, shrewd, wise and a good schemer. He twists our life in such a way that we come into his deception.

There are times we realise satan had played in our life and of course we fail and be torn which leads to discouraged thinking “I can’t do this anymore.”.That’s the biggest lie which is sown into our heart by satan.

Know that satan is God’s fallen creation. If satan is intelligent how much more His creator will be! We are redeemed by His blood and have given the right to call Him “Abba Father”. Obviously, the satan is our slave. He is under our feet. Crush him. Never give space for him to crawl up.


Sow the right seeds, which will bring forth hundred fold in you. The one and only word of God. 

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