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Remove Gehazi’s from the Church

What is the punishment that we have received for a lie? It depends. Whatsoever , it stops with us but Gehazi’s punishment was much severe. It was for him and his descendants! We see a man of God, a great … Continue reading

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Dropsy vs Donkey

I was checking few photographs in Google to post for this article. More I searched, more I didn’t want to. It was a pathetic and painful situation one man has to go through. It’s a normal passage which is read … Continue reading

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Next step after a breakthrough: Be like the blind men!

Be like the blind men who followed Jesus rather than going their own way. Continue reading

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Jesus reached His hands

You tried calling your friend in the peek time of a need and get an continuous  answer ‘unreachable’. How would you feel? Disappointed, Angry, hopeless or come to an conclusion “He is not my friend anymore?” I wanted to bring … Continue reading

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Discipleship Group: Leaders need to follow few steps

How to lead an effective discipleship group. Follow Jesus when doing a group. Continue reading

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Prayer: Key for Success.

Pray for your group people daily as this is the main success for a fruitful group Continue reading

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What is your Intention behind your prayer?

“Lord, don’t you see me weeping? Why are you not merciful? Show kindness to me. Please give me a dazzling Red, Seven seater car so that I can serve you”.  Wait…I have heard this prayer before. Let me think…….. It’s … Continue reading

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Start right with your first step: Are you inclined to yourselves or God?

“I stepped here in faith…..”.Many of the ministers of God has said these lines with confidence. And among them, many fell and many prospered. Why? I wanted to take you to our divine History. Story of our Father Abraham. A … Continue reading

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