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Remove Gehazi’s from the Church

What is the punishment that we have received for a lie? It depends. Whatsoever , it stops with us but Gehazi’s punishment was much severe. It was for him and his descendants! We see a man of God, a great … Continue reading

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Break free and walk free: Satan under your feet

We saw the Israelites short comings in my last blog. Now let’s see how enemy enters when one is weak. Pharaoh who don’t know or believe in Yahweh realised the strength of the Israelites.So he called up a meeting with … Continue reading

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Who are you? Time to rise up!

“No, I can’t do this”. Why? Are we really seeing us in the way God see’s us? Same with Israelites! They didn’t know who really they are. Exodus 1: 6-10 : 6 And Joseph died, all his brothers, and all that … Continue reading

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