Congrats for the New President, Mr.Trump!

Missed being a blogger for few days because of being unwell. But didn’t miss being a reader.

One of the hot topics wherever I turned was US Elections. Donald vs Hillary. One joke which was pretty hilarious was “US is going through 24 hour labor pain to know whether it’s a girl or a boy”. It was hilarious.

To my surprise I saw the whole world was interested in U.S. Elections. I don’t know why so much of wide eyes for the nation. I am not that good in politics or history to know. But somewhere I knew that this nation was special in God’s eyes.

And our God all powerful is watching over every step of an US citizen. But I don’t know whether the Christian American citizens realise this truth. I read and heard lot of good and bad about both the leaders. My question to those is “Is there someone whom you know is always right?”. Even biblical anointed leaders fell. What more you want.

I saw many bloggers raised for prayers before election. And when the results came, they started cursing the elected. Why? Is it because somewhere we have already decided or trusted God will make this person as a leader. We failed to come under His will.

I believe God has ears and heart. So much of prayer has not gone in vain. He knows the best for His children. If Mr. Donald has been elected as a President, then there is some divine secret behind it. Let’s thank God for His decision.

Our next idle step is to obey the word of God. God said to pray for your own nation so that you can live in peace. It’s our responsibility of being a citizen of any nation to pray for our respective leaders even if they are bad or of good reputation. The command is just to pray.

I will say to all the citizens of US to acknowledge the leadership and pray for Mr.President daily because that is what is expected.

Don’t forget God created the world and He knows what is best for His people.If He feels Mr.Trump is best, then Congrats.

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