Remove Gehazi’s from the Church

What is the punishment that we have received for a lie? It depends. Whatsoever , it stops with us but Gehazi’s punishment was much severe. It was for him and his descendants!

We see a man of God, a great prophet, Elisha was put down by his own trustworthy servant, Gehazi.

Read 2nd kings 5.
We see Naaman, a mighty man of valor from Syria seeking for a healing from the hand of Elisha, the prophet. In v 11, we see Naaman as a ‘furious man’ because he was told to do an unbelievable task to receive his healing- Dip in Jordan river seven times to be cleansed. Naaman who was disappointed turned back to Syria in anger but thank God there were few wise servants with him. Because of their counsel, Namaan turned to Jordan and dipped himself for seven times. Surprisingly, he saw his skin as of a little babe after his seventh dip. He and his servants must have danced with joy in the river banks. Naaman returned to Elisha to testify that “Jehovah is the only living God in all the earth”. Wow! What a great declaration to hear from an unbeliever. Many of us are still praying to hear from the people whom we are praying for.

Naaman with his joyful and cleansed life, wanted to gift Elisha. But He refused to receive it. How many of us are like this? We all are so fond of gifts and there is nothing wrong to receive gifts, especially when a man is poor and in need. Elisha was not living in a palace nor had hundred servants serving him. He was a man of simplicity but with double anointing. And being a servant of such an honorable and anointed prophet was a blessing to Gehazi but couldn’t see his worth?

 Gehazi’s eyes was sealed by his greed. When he came to know Elisha didn’t receive the gifts, he was shocked and upset too. Instead of accepting the decision of his master, he ran after Naaman to take the gifts by saying a holy story. Naaman gave twice what he asked.

Imagine what he must have told to his wife
” My love, see I am cleansed by the hands of a great prophet of Israel and he received rewards from me”
“My love, see I am cleansed by the hands of a great prophet of Israel but surprisingly he didn’t receive any of my rewards. How big His God is”

Which one was the best? Of course the second one.

Because of Gehazi’s act of greed, he had put down God’s and a prophet’s name one step down in a foreign country.

God’s healing is free. One simple requirement is BELIEVE. But Gehazi added one more burden for the people ‘MONEY’.

There are many Gehazi’s walking around with Christian ministers now. They don’t submit to their leadership and they repeat the same mistakes again and again. Why are they needed? Certain people in the church put down God’s name by saying the Pastor’s name. Beware of such people. It’s high time for them to be removed from the leadership. God will bring more faithful people to His kingdom.

Gehazi and his generation was punished for his sins by Elisha’s curse. But we dont have any authority to curse. Because Jesus said to bless those who curse you but He didn’t say walk with those who curse you!

Be Wise.

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2 Responses to Remove Gehazi’s from the Church

  1. Shattered in Him says:

    I love how your posts push me to look deeper into the areas where I feel God nudging me!


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