Dropsy vs Donkey

I was checking few photographs in Google to post for this article. More I searched, more I didn’t want to. It was a pathetic and painful situation one man has to go through.

It’s a normal passage which is read through often. In Luke 14, we see about a man with dropsy being healed on a sabbath day. But I have never taken an effort to see how a person with dropsy looked.

In Luke 14:2, Jesus met with a man who was standing out in the crowd. His body was reddish and swollen or may be even more worse. Jesus didn’t ask any questions like    ” what do you want me to do?” Or “Do you believe in me?”. But for a difference, He asked the audience a question and ended up in single line.
“He took him and healed Him and let him go”. Wow! And no much instructions like ” Sin no more”. It was very plain understanding that it was his time to be healed.

A simple encounter with Christ which over turned his life.

Jesus didn’t move ahead with the dinner, but he addressed an issue which was more weightier than healing. He knew the heart of men sitting around Him. They were watching Jesus closely to catch him red handedly. But Jesus was smart. He asked them the same question which they intended to ask Him.

If lawyers and Pharisees were smart, our Jesus was over smart 🙂

Their silence put Jesus into action. According to Jewish law, It was not right to do any work on sabbath. And this was observed by them from their young age. At the same time, they were hypocrites too. Thats why Jesus asked a relevant question to them to hit their conscience “if you had a donkey that has fallen into a pit, will you not immediately pull him out on the sabbath day?” . Even though they are pious or at least act pious, sometimes they do break the law (which only God sees) because they gave more value to money and material than human and also they twist the law according to their need.

In this century, how can we relate to this situation.

Sunday mornings are always a blast time in all Christians life. Mine too. There was a rush and hush in our house before locking the door. We rushed to the car and drove fast to get a good parking space which is near to church and also don’t have to walk much. Suddenly, a high speeding bike overtook us and hit the lamp post. I saw him flying across the road and was thrown harshly to the road. It was a huge shock to us. We saw many getting down the vehicle just to watch. My husband stopped the car and went to assist him. My bag vibrated and saw a new message on my inbox.I opened  and to my horror it was from my pastor’s phone “You are late.Come fast”. I pulled my husband inside and told ” Let’s go! There are lot of people around to help. We can’t miss the church”. But trust me, my body was present, not my spirit. I was not able to worship or pray or listen to the sermon. My heart was heavy and I knew why it was. On the way back, my husband got down the spot and heard a man say “The boy was young but was hit on his head. But he died after twenty minutes because the ambulance couldnt arrive on time”. That twenty minutes was a life saving time. I wish my ‘eyes of compassion’ worked more than my weekly responsibility and duties. 

Going to church is always the right thing to do but ignoring someone’s need or cry on that time is wrong.

Jesus didn’t have the intention to say that

‘following sabbath’ is wrong but his message was

“Be compassionate and discerning not judgmental and insensitive”.

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5 Responses to Dropsy vs Donkey

  1. Shattered in Him says:

    Such an important point!! We need to be able to discern when to prioritize the way Jesus would want us to prioritize!

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  2. Mary Duncan says:

    Very true. Prioritizing is very important. But sometimes we miss to hear our heart.

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  3. Pure Glory says:

    Your post reminded me of the Good Samaritan. The priest and Levine had more important things to do than assist the wounded man. The despised Samaritan took the time to assist the wounded man. He demonstrated pure worship.

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