Prison to Throne: Dreams and Word of God

How do we see ourselves in our dark times?

Christian life is a mix of roses and thorns. Sometimes, it’s aromatic but there will be  pricks too. Challenge here is, how we react to our situations. Do we call ourselves blessed or cursed?

Little boy Joseph was presented with colorful coat by his father and promised with a bright dream by his Heavenly Father.He was a blessed child but his journey started from pits and dark rooms. That was his pricking and bleeding phase. Then he ended up in throne room where there was God’s aroma all around him. How was this possible? Two major things he held was his dream and the scriptures which his father taught him.

Now, holding on to his dream was not easy in his circumstance. He was sold as a slave and was asked to do all kinds of work at an Egyptians home. But he found favor in the sight of his master and was promoted. I am sure Joseph must have thought about this as his breakthrough. ‘A stepping stone’ towards his dreams. Now comes the perfect scenario to fulfill his dream. One night stand with a beautiful lady. If he finds favor in her sight, then the path will become easy. He said a Big NO! to this opportunity. 

He feared his God and ran away from this promising future. Back to square one. He have to go through the same process but this time his offense was severe and the place was dark. In the midst of all this, he continued serving God by serving people. Once again he found favor and was promoted. This time, the given opportunity turned out to be a success. Read more on Joseph…

I am sure that we all have dreamed for a bright future or someone prophesied to us about our calling. If you have decided to hold on to your dreams or prophesies, open your eyes to see the opportunities. At the same time, work out your journey. Joseph served as a slave even though he knew he was to be served. He didn’t sit idle in one corner and waited for another dream or called himself ‘cursed’.

When opportunity hits your way, do not blindly take a shot.Check whether the opportunity is aligned with the scriptures.

Because sometimes, we may feel this is God’s way. But it may not. Remember! Our God is faithful. He will not change His word.So Wait! Wait! Wait!

Time will come where you will be shifted from a hut to a mansion.

Make sure you reach your dream through a divine path. Do not compromise!

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2 Responses to Prison to Throne: Dreams and Word of God

  1. Shattered in Him says:

    Very important message!!!


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