Next step after a breakthrough: Be like the blind men!

In Mathew 20:29 – 34, we see two blind men shouting for a breakthrough.

All their days, they felt the wind, heard the whispers, smelled the flowers and tasted whatever was given into their hands. But there were times they wanted to feel and do what their heart desires. Run for a shade under the tree, taste fish instead of cucumber and tomatoes,smell lilies than roses and to be in silence. All of these are buried because they didn’t have one more sense like others. ‘SEE’ was the key and they deliberately wanted it.

One evening, they heard a shout far away and knew their solution was nearing. How can they miss such an opportunity? They heard about Jesus and His miracles from the roadside whisper but there none to lead them to Him.

They jumped and rejoiced on the roadside like mad men. When they heard the footsteps of people, they started shouting “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”.Not once, but many times. Their voice was a distraction to others.

But Jesus was a life boat for them.

They shouted even more louder and harder which made the crowd come and rebuke them. But nothing bothered them.They shouted more and more and this made Jesus stop.

A cry of desperation stopped Jesus and looked with an eye of compassion.

Jesus asked what they needed as if He didn’t recognize the problem. They cried their need and the result was immediate. He touched them and they received their sight.

It was such an immense joy where no one else could explain.They jumped and rejoiced and told “Comeon, let’s go to our houses and celebrate this miracle” oops! Now that’s not the story. Read v 34, to see the perfect ending. “They received the sight and followed Him”

When we have problems, we scream, cry, shout or even yell at Jesus out of our desperation. The blind men chose to focus on the footsteps rather than reasoning with the distractions. They didn’t loose hope but cried, cried and cried. They acknowledged the power of God. In their heart they knew, that Jesus who healed the next street blind guy can heal them too.

Enemy brings lot of distractions to stop our prayers. Do not give up. Hold on to the testimonies and believe in His power.

“Praise God, my God delivered me”. What’s the next step? Give a thanksgiving party? Good. We must be thankful to God. Nothing wrong in celebrating our victories. But what are we doing after that? Are we going back to the same schedule and wait for the next problem to hit us or try to graduate in our spiritual life so that we can shield ourselves from the schemes of the enemy? Decision is our’s.

Let’s be like the blind men who followed Jesus as their thanksgiving.
Get involved in your local church so that you can share your testimony and stand as a pillar in your community glorifying God’s name.

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4 Responses to Next step after a breakthrough: Be like the blind men!

  1. Shattered in Him says:

    I just love your timely words of wisdom!! Thank YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alanakh says:

    Mary that was a great post! Thank you! And I love the picture of the young woman holding the broken chains! Jesus breaks all chains, if we let Him!


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