Isaac – Promise Child:Will this happen in this century?

After a long time, I met with a friend of mine who was from my old church. We both were sharing our marriage lives, our up’s and down.
“Mary, I am very happy in my life. I got a loving and caring husband who spends his time and money on whatever I desire for. But I miss being a mother. I had miscarriage for three times. I don’t have any more courage to go through that procedure once again”
“Don’t worry Ann. God is faithful and merciful. Hang on to your faith. You said God has promised a child from the scriptures of Abraham and Sarah.”
“Of course it’s true. Myself and my husband got the same scriptures. I was very happy. But my Christian friend told, Abraham and Sarah’s promise was specific. It was for them and not for us. She advised me to go for adoption. Now I am in the middle of no where”

I didnt know what to say  but stayed calm. Why did her friend spoke against her promise, though her motive was right?

If a couple, walks into your house with the same problem, what will you say to them?

There are certain scriptures which are negotiable and non negotiable.
“Jesus died for our sins” is a non-negotiable scripture.

Woman with 12 year blood flow was healed by touching Jesus’s garment” is a negotiable scripture because it was purely her personal faith. Jesus didn’t teach or preach on touching his garment for being healed.

Abraham was known for his faith. God asked him to Leave his own people and country not knowing what lies ahead of him. And He did!                                                                   God promised a great inheritance when he didn’t have a descendant. He believed!    God told to cut the throat of his son as a sacrifice to him without any reason. He obeyed!

There was nothing seen in front of his eyes apart from few words of promise from his God.

Here is when Abraham applied “WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT”

If a couple is promised by God’s word, that they will have their own child like Abraham and Sarah, just leave them in their faith.Do not discourage them or judge their faith. Stand along with them through steadfast prayers and emotional support. But if you feel that their promise is not from God, prayerfully speak to them about adoption. Do not push them because adoption is a drastic step in a marriage life which can edify or harm theirs or a child’s life.

God has given you a promise then hang on. Do not take any emotional step and fall into a mess where you can’t come out.

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2 Responses to Isaac – Promise Child:Will this happen in this century?

  1. Shattered in Him says:

    Would you believe that I have actually been meditating on this Abraham and Sarah all week? I like how you use the negotiable and non-negotiable comparison. That is a great way to word it and I am going to keep that mind when trying to share scripture to ‘help’ someone. Thank you!

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    • Mary Duncan says:

      Thank you for your words.
      Abraham is a wonderful character. To reach to his level of faith, oops…its gonna be a long time for me. Just imagine….sacrificing his own son. That’s drastic step….of obedience.


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