Speak the word of God

Satan doesn’t have brains! Seriously, How can he try to tempt Jesus Christ – The Son Of God. Think about it, if devil tried with Jesus then we too are prone.

Now say this to yourself, “I am the Son of God. How can you tempt me? Get away satan!”

If you can say with all confidence, then you won your status.

Devil tries to trick and tempt especially when we are weak. In Mathew 4, we see Jesus weak and famished after heavy fasting. The immediate need for Him was water and food. And what can be expected in wilderness. Nothing!

Jesus was hungry and devil knew the need of Jesus and offered a help. But Jesus denied his help with the word of God. No compromise in loosing the Sonship.

Sometimes when we are weak, few relationships creep up to comfort and help us. Beware! We need to know whether they are to edify or kill us.

I knew a boy who was 18, ended his life due to one and only loyal friend. His story started with a divorced parents who tore him to pieces emotionally. After shuffling him to and fro they pushed him to a hostel where he knew nothing but loneliness. One day a young boy of his same age, stretched his hands of friendship. He didn’t have anyone apart from him. After few months he brought his girl friend and said to take care of her for few days as he was traveling to his home town. And this was a total secret. But the warden caught him the next day. How much ever they asked him, he didn’t open his mouth. When his loyal friend turned in, the authorities asked whether he knew something about the girl. He looked at her and said “I don’t know anything.Who is she?” once again he was shattered to pieces. Last person on earth whom he loved and trusted had turned his back. Complain was raised to his guardian but the next day, the hostel was in chaos. Everyone screamed on the top of their voices seeing him hung on the ceiling. News spread for few days and as usual it became a history. Devil succeeded in having his soul through few words of a so called loyal friend. I felt bad for him and that’s all I could do.

Many times We, the strong Christians who are well fed with the word, are going through the phase of betrayal and discouragements. These are the times when devil brings new relationships in the name of comfort and various means. Know it! If you get a hint of stinky smell, get back from such people and places.

Jesus also faced it but He used His sword to come back-The word of God.
Let’s not give our mind to the satan, but use the sword to stand against all odds. Its there in your tongue. Speak it out with boldness “Get back you satan”

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3 Responses to Speak the word of God

  1. Thank you. What a powerful message!

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  2. I came across an interesting quote that describes how the adversary has power: man’s weakness is Satan’s strength.

    I realized how to true that actually is for my own heart and have been learning how to allow God to guard my heart in the weakest of places.

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