Prophet Jonah: confused Man

Starting of this book makes me Giggle. “How on the world Jonah can respond like this?”

Jonah was a privileged ‘Man of Honor’. He was one of the prophets who didn’t experience much persecution because the days he served were of a ‘favorable year of Israelites’ from God.His mission was to receive and deliver the word of God to the Israel nation.

Read Jonah 1:1-3. The word of the Lord comes to Jonah on verse 2 ‘Cry against Ninevah about their nearing judgement because of their extreme wickedness’ but we see Jonah fleeing away from his mission at verse 3. I am surprised to see how fast he ran away from his position of a prophet.

Why did Jonah do that?”. It is because his conscience ruled over God’s perfect will.

God’s will towards His creation was to have a regular fellowship with Him. But sin creeped in the middle and changed the whole situation. As we all know, God and sin can’t reign together but at the same time He is a very merciful and compassionate God. Many people think His love towards Gentiles begins from epistles. It’s not. Saving Ninevah was a great example of His love towards Gentiles.

Jonah found this mission very difficult because he got too used serving in a bed of roses.


He missed analyzing the whole picture. Let’s see….

Jonah, the prophet: He forgot his divine position and responsibility. He was called to receive and deliver the word. But he kept a boundary saying “I am chosen to speak to only chosen generation’. Many times, we too run away from our primary responsibility thinking our sector is limited.But God has a wider plan for His children.

Ninevah, wicked nation:Ninevah was a wicked,strong gentile nation and they deserve to be punished by an angry God of israel nation”. Many times we judge people seeing their actions and backgrounds. We never bother to go and minister to them thinking “they are unchangeable”.God always gives a second chance.


Ninevah, strong city: Ninevah was filled with wickedness which reached till heaven. Murder is a piece of cake for them. Jonah confronting them in their nation is like walking into a lion’s den. At times, we avoid such places forgetting that God wants us to be there. Remember His words “if God is for us, who can be against us?”. Be bold and get into the action zone.

God is not a crocodile!: This saying may be silly but Jonah thought that way, atleast that moment. He considered God as territorial. He thought ‘if I leave this place,God will surely assign the work to someone else’. God created heaven and Earth. If He speaks to us in Australia, we will hear the same in Antartica.

Running away from God’s presence is a most funniest solution one can think of.

First kneels, then feet: Jonah didn’t wait upon the Lord after hearing His voice. Instead of kneeling down and seeking Him, he got into His feet and start running. How many times we missed conversing with God? In times of confusion, do not take a decision.Fast and Pray and then you will be strengthened with scriptures and His promises.

Money and Energy gone waste: I don’t know whether Jonah took a glass of water in the middle of his hurry burry packing. He must have walked to and fro in his room.Perspiring and struggling in search of money. Often we misuse our energy and money into places where God doesn’t want us to invest.

Jonah entered into a mess after knowing God’s will. How about us?

Running away from God’s presence is not a right solution. But waiting and leaning upon Him makes us the right person.

Presently, God have placed us in a very comfortable place and out of blue our pastor calls up and says “Your called to preach in a village nearby”,where there will be no fancy transport or wifi for a hobby. How could we react?
Do we Pray and seek God for confirmation or will we walk off saying “This is not His will”.
The place where you start off may be bed of roses but suddenly it may turn stinky, dark and then no way out. It will be too late for us  to come back.

There will be times when He will call you to walk in the midst of thorns to reach the golden gates of heaven.
Be ready to get into the circle of his perfect will.
It can be a place of rock or place of roses. He designed our life for a purpose and incline our ears to His word and Obey. Because the Belly of a whale is not a place of pleasant trip.

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4 Responses to Prophet Jonah: confused Man

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    I love the story of Jonah…that strange prophet!


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