Eve’s one bite

I was reading Genesis 3 and noticed how we go through the same situations daily….


Every morning was a great morning for them. Both, Adam and Eve roams around the garden, helping each other to keep the garden wonderful and to have a good balanced diet.

Suddenly out of the blue, the most cunning creature appears the screen. Remember, that they didn’t know who was satan. Only One person who had communication with them was God and His striking words  “You shall not eat it nor shall touch it, lest you die”. Isn’t that a simple command to obey. Eve had a privilege to eat every fruit of the garden except this one.

Wasn’t it attractive all the days where she walked around? Wasn’t it pleasant to her eyes before?. Yes, it was. But she didn’t give much attention to it as it was a NO from her Friend, God.

Now, Two important reasons for her to fall on the trap was:


She was all Alone. Imagine, if Adam was with her. I am sure they must have discussed and came to a conclusion not to go for it.


Conversation with satan.He was really good in throwing questions and giving a convincing answers.

Remember how he tried to tempt Jesus?Satan slowly injected his nature into her. How he wanted to be like God, and then when he failed he wanted everyone else to be fallen and unfortunately he succeeded.

Eve fell in the trap and took a bite. This one bite opened their eyes to the world of sin. Notice that at this point, there was no snake around. Because, his business was over. He went to celebrate his victory.

Even now we often fail Him. There are many reasons behind our fallen times. We like to deal our issues alone and this is when satan comes and whispers unnecessary things into us. Slowly, it gets into us and we fall into his trap. This will end up in ‘feeling guilty, I can’t look to God anymore’ situation.

Never be alone, when you know you need someone.

There are forbidden places. Change your direction to have a good fellowship with the Christian brothers and sisters. This is where a church play’s an amazing role.

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3 Responses to Eve’s one bite

  1. Wally Fry says:

    How do believers with no regular fellowship with other believers manage? I cannot imagine.

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