Day for Library

via Daily Prompt: Silence

This happened before ten years…..

As taught from my childhood, my everyday was a good day. But I always liked Monday more just because of the Library period.

when I hear the bell ring, my feet rushes to the library. I pick some book which hits my eye and dive deep into it. I get so deep with my reading that it’s like I am in a time machine.

One shiny tiny book came to my notice. I didn’t stop to see the title as it was well wrapped by a blue sheet. ‘Who cares about the title’.To my amazement, i realised it was a personal note of my professor. Being a rank holder I wanted to return the book but out of curiosity I ignored my position. I opened the first page….

“Jesus is a great example of SILENCE”. What? I’ve heard that Jesus was a preacher and teacher. That sentence was something new to me…..

Looking here and there, I slowly slid into a chair and started with the next page

Jesus is a great example for me in maintaining Silence. He was beaten and mocked by His own and when He was given a chance to clear His name, He kept silent. Because He knew there is no use. They don’t or will not understand the real purpose of His presence among them. Same thing is with me, my students don’t realise the real purpose of my presence among them. They think I am here for my monthly salary and few blabbering. Yesterday, I met with a very talented girl who labelled all her projects as useless. I know her talents and asked what is the reason behind her ignorance. First thing she asked me was “who are you to ask me? Are you my professor?”. I wanted to reply her that I was concerned about her but I knew my words will be in vain to her. I tried Silence as my solution. And she walked off. Lord Jesus, please help her to understand who she is and what she is capable of. Reveal to her the purpose.Amen”

How could he pray for me?

I closed the book and walked straight to him with tears. I apologised for being rude to him and for reading his note.

“Sir, I don’t know how could you pray for me. But I am sure your Jesus made this to happen. I want to know more about Him.Can you guide me?”

He smiled at me and said “This way….”

I never knew that there is a such a huge section of books of Jesus in my library. I got no idea, why my eyes was stuck there but from that day onwards, all days were like Monday’s.



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