What is your Intention behind your prayer?

“Lord, don’t you see me weeping? Why are you not merciful? Show kindness to me. Please give me a dazzling Red, Seven seater car so that I can serve you”. 

Wait…I have heard this prayer before. Let me think……..

It’s not only you, everyone has prayed the prayer at least once in their life time. Only the need may be different.  There is nothing wrong in asking God for a beautiful seven seater dazzling red car. Remember we are humans! And God knows that 🙂

It depends upon the intention behind our prayer.
Are we praying for a car, because our call for ministry is in a place where there is no public transport?
How about motor bikes? Can’t they carry you…
How about taking a lift from your neighbour? Won’t they allow you in….
Or more worse, do you want to show to your fellow brethren that you too have’A CAR’.

Think before you pray. Check whether what you ask for, is to glorify God or to glorify yourself.

If you really want to glorify God through your car, wait! He knows when and what to give.But never stop praying. God loves to hear things from us 🙂

Never wait for the car and then serve God but Serve God and receive the car as a gift from God.


Seek Ye first the kingdom of God, and the rest shall be added unto you. It can be a car, bungalow, beach house or a single meal. Will be Added 🙂

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