How to deal with your servant? : few practical tips

My friend was pretty frustrated when she came to me.
“I need a good servant. Please pray for me”
“But, you said you got one last week”
“Oh! She is not good. She continuously  murmurs and biblically it’s not good for her to be in my house. You know how much I hate murmuring.”
“Did you tell her to stop murmuring and behave”
” No, I didn’t. Why should I? She is a good church going lady. Doesn’t she know the basics. Anyway forget it! Pray for me”

This is the prayer point which was going around almost two years from her side. In two years there was minimum of ten servants who said BYE to her. So what was the real problem?

Sometimes, it is hard to accept the fact that WE are the problem. I have been like her till I read and understood the depth of Colossians 4:1

“Masters, give your slaves what is just and fair, knowing that you also have a master in heaven”.

It doesn’t speak about money alone but also being fair with them.
We have to understand them from their perspective.Being a servant is not a dream profession of anyone. They come because of their needs and illiteracy. They will nod their head for every work asked for in the beginning. They open their survival kit  serving with smile, speaking with grace, walking in silence. But when the days go by, they face the reality. To be clear, they show up who they are.Waking up early in the morning, taking orders from each one of the family, doing the daily chores even when their body can’t stretch much, picking up heavy things, cleaning the lawn provokes their frustration which end up talking to themselves which we call murmuring. Try Putting ourselves in their place.

We see many professionals coming back home throwing their tantrums on the wife and children. Even the pets get bugged:)

How can we deal with servants?

Remember Colossians 4:1. We have a master who is watching our daily life. He will not throw us out of His hands if we are angry or frustrated.

1.Be patient.
2.Do not throw your tantrums to them
3.Speak with grace as the bible says so
4.Try to spend some time in talking. (Just imagine, no one talks with you in the office when your around them? you end up speaking to yourselves)
5.Give some time for them to get settled
6. Don’t Overload. Understand their gender and age. (For example, you can’t ask a lady to pick up a ten kg rice bag and walk for a kilometre to reach home. That’s terrible. Do not compare them with your neighbour’s servant)
7.Give some time to take a nap in the afternoon. They will be fresh to start over.
8.Don’t give them too much to do list for a day.(Like washing 15 clothes a day. Instead split their job)
9.Make sure they eat three time meal on time
10.Once a month take them along with you even if it’s grocery shopping
11.Allow them to sleep on time with a silent environment. (Will you sleep with your musicsystem on?)
12.Observe their health. If you see them weak, take them to hospital (Good for you and them)
13.Once in a while, buy something special for them

Few things for a master to follow:


1.Address the issue in the beginning.(if you don’t like murmuring or speaking back, tell them or you end up hearing daily)
2.Tell them their to-do list in the first day of their work, otherwise they may feel they are overloaded
3.Do not allow them to sleep more than what they need Or they will become lazy bug
4.Speak for the right salary. Not too low or not too high. Remember Paul’s writing. “Worthy of wages”. Give them what their worth of
5.Be stern but also be gentle. Try to balance!
6.Never allow them to speak harsh to your children. You are the parent, and only you have the right to correct them.
10.Do not allow them to speak to your guests. This will bring the sense of their position. Nothing wrong in it!     

Above are only few things but you know yourself and your house.

More than anything, every morning pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom to deal with them wisely. Who knows whether it was God’s decision for that servant to work for you and minister to them. Never loose your opportunity because of being provoked by your emotions.

Let not your emotion rule you but you be the boss of your emotion.

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