Start right with your first step: Are you inclined to yourselves or God?

“I stepped here in faith…..”.Many of the ministers of God has said these lines with confidence. And among them, many fell and many prospered. Why?

I wanted to take you to our divine History. Story of our Father Abraham.
A common man who was devoted to God was called with a big cost.
Acts 7:3 says “and said to him”Get out of your country and from your relatives, and come to land that I will show you”. Now that’s a surprise call. We don’t know His immediate thoughts as it is not recorded in the bible.
Let me take an attempt….I am pretending to be Abraham now. If God said this to me, my face must have turned to a world map. Firstly I’ll think
1. “Why my country? My beautiful house. I was born here and every corner of the land has some memories. I played with my brothers, fought with my sisters for a small share of favourite sweets, slept in a small cushioned bed…how can I leave this place? On top, this is my inheritance!
2. “My relatives! I celebrated my small and big victories with them, had fun during the festivals and made fun of each other during my holidays, they gave me their shoulders when I cried. How can I leave my Own!
3. “New land! Come on! I know how hard it is to exist in our own home land.It is very hard to work for a good reputation. After all these achievements God, your talking about new land where there is no job, no money, no people. Impossible!”

Oh my God, how many excuses I can bring out. But what was so special in Abraham? Why was he chosen? He didn’t even know the real Yahweh!

The answer is his heart.Yes, he was a man known for his integrity and devotion.This didn’t come over night but it was developed day by day.

Many of us are called out of our comfort zone to serve Him. But, many don’t succeed because they start with their own conditions. “God I will serve you among my people. I will build a small church and start a service in couple of months. I see many unbelievers around here, and I feel a burden for them and…..”. But do you know whether this is what you are called for? Have we given God the freedom to speak His will into our lives?


Start with few questions before you start:
What is Your will?, 
Where does You want me to Go?, Am I suppose to stay on this company or do a full time?, Do you have a specific destination?, Is this the place where You want me to start a church?, What kind of congregation do You have in mind?

Abraham had two qualities. His strong faith and His ears inclined to God’s voice.

I appreciate the heart of serving. But  one have to be very careful for their beginnings. Instead of giving God the conditions, let each one wait and hear His voice. Get guidance from Him before jumping into His field.

Many people fail in their call not because of faith but because of their decisions. They will carry a faith to move the mountains but they themselves decide which is the  mountain.

I know a lady who was working in a big reputed company. She came to me and said “God called me for ministry.So I am resigning”. Lately, I got a call from her.She said “Please pray for me. I feel that God is calling me to quit ministry and work again”.
I asked one question to that lady ” Did God speak to you?” .There was a long silence and a beep sound. There was no answer because she was driven to serve God in her own understanding. She didn’t pray about it or go to her local Pastor for guidance. It was just a Feel that’s she had.

Do not go according to your feeling but go according to your calling. Once you know and is sure that you are called, ask God when, where, who and How?. He likes His children to communicate with Him and Surely there will be a definite answer. 

Happy journey in your serving.

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