Who can take baptism? A child or an adult?

Child Baptism v/s Adult Baptism. This has been a debate topic for centuries among the Christians. I am not here to debate but I want the people who is reading my blog to hold a bible and think with an Open heart.

Please open Acts 2 and say a simple prayer “Heavenly Father, I am here to know the truth. Please talk to me and tell me what is right and what is wrong”. If this prayer is from your heart, God will speak.

Acts chapter 2, is a turning point for the eleven disciples and the other followers. That upper room experience was and is the reason for evangelism.When the 120 believers gathered together and prayed, they received the Holy Spirit who was promised to them by Jesus. There was an amazing and confusing outcome. The utterances of the new tongues. One of the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was the hot news to the people who visited Jerusalem. But they didn’t meet up with the right people to know who and what did this Jesus do? At this point, they heard an unusual thunder and experienced a mighty rushing wind along with the voices of wonders of God in their own languages. That was a surprise moment for everyone. They didn’t understand what was happening but they knew something good had happened. They walked towards the upper room to clear their doubts and confusions. There was our hero Peter’s Bold entry. He raised his voice and spoke the gospel. He spoke about Jesus, His Death, His Resurrection and the only promise ‘The Holy Spirit’. It says in v 37, that after hearing this they were cut to the heart. This is the first point to notice.

When gospel was preached, the men were cut to their heart.

Cut means that they were broken inside. There was a longing for what to do  next.

Now, How can a new born baby can be cut to the heart? What were or is there to be broken in them?  They know Nothing!

In v 37, they asked

“Men and Brethren, what shall we do?”. This was the result of brokenness.

Can you think of a child to have a reasoning skill on their 8th day?    Do you think a baby can ask such a question?                                        They open their cute tiny mouth to cry or to be fed.

In v 38, Peter give’s the solution.
1. Repent
2. Baptism.

Repent, the sins which was done knowingly or unknowingly in a Man’s life.
Come back, and be baptised in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins.
After these, one will receive the promise of Jesus, that’s the one and only Holy Spirit.

How can we ask a child to repent?

He or She was born into a safe hands and kept wrapped into a mom’s hands. Their major activity is crying, sleeping and feeding. Give time for these three, they are called as normal children. If we go and talk about sin, repentance, Baptism and Holyspirit to them, then we are called as Abnormal people.

I am not here to offend people but I am here to ask people to understand what they are doing. Never follow people who don’t know what they are doing.

Keep in mind the Jesus’ words
“Let him hear who has ears, Let him see who has eyes”.


Bible is not for debate. It’s for wisdom, understanding, knowledge and more than anything it’s God’s heart written for us.

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