Change your attitude: Feel His rare touch.

Yes my precious baby is gone. All the way back to the creator.

It was hard for me to hear and accept what the doctor said ” It happens in the first trimester. Do not loose heart.”
But, What else Can she say? At the same time, how can I forget the rare touch I received in the room. That touch which made me to forget where I am. I was in the realm of peacefulness.

“God gave and He took away. I praise and bless His name forever”. I don’t know how I got provoked to say that.But I did!

“How can you praise God now? He didn’t hear you or your husband’s prayer. If it was me, I must have cursed him” she sighed away. But I saw few tears spilled down in her cheeks. I couldn’t reach her to stop but I prayed earnestly that God would speak to her sometime,through someone. Time was near for me to say bye to all the familiar faces.
I held my husband’s hand and slowly slid down from the bed.
“Dear, Now we may be walking alone but I am sure we both will walk the same hallway once again with our cute little baby”. I smiled at his words and walked with him expecting to come back soon.

This was her story. But does it really make sense.
How can God give a life and take back the same life?
Is He playing around with our emotions?

No! Never! God is a creator but Devil is a killer.

The revelation given to people are different.Never judge if you don’t know.

David fasted and prayed for his dying child. He asked to show mercy, but in the end only child of Bathsheba died. What did David do? Did he sit and mourn? No. He cleansed himself and had food.People around him were perplexed but he answered them “One day I could see him when I get to heaven”. Do you think we can recognize people when we get into heaven? No but, that was the revelation he received in that moment. God gave him eternal peace regarding that matter.(Read the chapter). And let’s not forget who was king Solomon.

Job 1:21, was a similar scenario. Job didn’t know that devil plotted his whole misery. But Job didn’t wander his mind and took himself away from God or question Him. But, he trusted His loving God and blessed Him in that terrible situation. His focus was only towards God and that’s what matters.

Story of the above lady was the same. God gave her the eternal comfort through those verses.It’s true miscarriages happens. But let’s not forget He is still a creator. Wait for the king or queen to be born into your family.Hold on to Him.

God’s revelation for her and Us is  to CARRY JOB’s CHARACTER.

In every circumstances of our life which can be good or bad, let’s carry Job’s attitude. There are certain situation arise’s in our life which can be complex. Above all this, horrifying thing is we may not receive answers. Do not ponder about your miseries but give yourself and your concerns to God and His peace will Reign on you.

Get the rare touch of Him!


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