Husband to a Father: Every wife needs one….

I slowly got down the bed holding my child with my two hands. I felt like the baby was slipping away. But how can that be! still wrapped inside my womb. I went to the rest room, just to see the traces of blood.

“Why Lord! This is not happening to me”.
With tears, I went to him and whispered “Can we go to hospital”.

I pulled my pant cautiously, thinking about my little babe.
“Is the baby slipping away?” “No” I said sternly to myself. We started off….
I saw the hospital nearing, and I could hear my heart beat. I hated to go to Emergency but I didn’t have choice. They took me to the room and my doctor checked me and started scribbling something in her note.
“You can take this…”
“Oh my! It’s paining”. I saw her face changed looking at me.
“Can I see”. I stood up from my chair and stumbled and hit the wall.
I saw my husband running towards me.Slowly every one was fading away…it was just me and the darkness….nothing else!
I felt like days passed away, winds were hushing around. A faded voice…
“She is bleeding! That too heavy. I could see. It’s better to remove”
I couldn’t raise my voice and ask “what are you gonna remove it?”
My husband asked the doctor ” Please do it. I don’t want her to be in pain?”
That moment I realised that I didn’t choose a wrong guy!

One side of the coin was my loving husband and the other side was my fading child.

Suddenly, I felt a slow rare touch in my hands. And it was something special. I saw Him standing near me. My entire focus shifted from them to Him. I smiled at Him and his presence brought a peace where no man can give. I tried to rest in his arms and everything turned calm. I was in light…..

“I am sorry, your pregnancy came out”, that was the last thing I didn’t want to hear. But I didn’t have a choice but had the courage to say “Thank you doc”.
I could hear his footsteps. I didn’t want to see him. I hid my face under the pillow but he held my face towards him and kissed me on my forehead and said “Thank you for transforming me from a husband to a father”.

“Thank you for being my father”…..Yes, I saw a fatherly heart in my man.


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