“I didn’t sleep that night”

How can someone Praise God in such a time? Was her question….

A pretty woman adored by everyone was once called as a Barren. It’s her story….Everyday without excuse she knelt down and wept before God .

“God, why me? Didn’t I love you with all my heart and soul? Why are you not listening to my simple prayer? I read in Psalms, that you form a life with your hands so fearfully? Are you scared that I will not take care of that precious creation? Believe me, I will. Please bless my womb”. After ten long years of persistent prayer, God heard her prayer and blessed her.


After that, every day was a ‘day of rejoice’ for her. Every morning, she received a kiss from her husband and heard “Thanks for making me a father”. Every time when they met their doctor, they said “Thank you so much for being my doctor”.

Her doctor wondered about this couple. How much thankful they are. She wished that she had such patients to make her profession feel blessed.A great wrap over happened between them.

An uncomfortable feeling occurred on the end of the second month. She saw traces of blood in her dress.

“What’s happening?” Her eyes filled with tears and her heart pounded saying”Lord, keep my child safe”. Doctor’s rushed her to the emergency room and put her on drips and gave some injection which could stop bleeding. But all in vain. They whispered to each other which made her husband to walk towards them.

He asked anxiously “Is anything serious? Is my wife fine?”.

“Bleeding is not healthy but for few women it happens. To rule out things, We have to check for the heart beat of the child. Please wait for the ultrasound”.

She heard them speak to her husband behind the curtains.
“What is normal in that? My baby will be safe!” I took all of my courage to say that to myself.

Time came. They put me in the wheel chair.

“Careful!” I told to the attender. He pushed me slowly. My husband gave me an assured smile. I felt blessed to see his love for me. Trusting in his faith and my God I entered the room, anxiously waiting to see my child’s heart beat”. But I closed my eyes when the procedure went on. I don’t know why I did that. Suddenly I was pushed to open my eyes to see the little dots on and off on the screen.

“Your baby is fine”.oh my! I got my breath back. I knew my God will not allow me to weep again.
“But we have to wait till morning”. What did that mean? Baby’s heartbeat is fine then why should I wait till morning?.
“Have patience.God is in control” was my husband’s words.
I was happy but I didn’t know why was I still weeping?
I went home and got to the bed. But that night was a horror to me. It was the hardest night to pass through. I closed my eyes but there was no sleep in me.

May be this is how David felt and wrote the psalms? So Sad for him. But I am Not him!

Alas the sun started shining. I could see beautiful light piercing through my curtains.


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