Quitting is not a solution. Never give up.

“I am fed up. I can’t do this anymore. There is nothing to start”
These words were spoken by a renowned Man of God serving a well crowded church.

He was working in a company where one can dream of. One fine morning he came to his wife and said “I want to quit and serve God. It’s the call I’ve been receiving from God for past one month. I don’t want to disobey Him. Please pray for me and let me know what God speaks to you”. Wife was perplexed because ministry is not a joke and more over, quitting from such a well known company is not a great idea. Monthly bills, children’s education, fancy car, dreams…all these came into her heart. After all,she is a woman.

But she pushed herself and prayed “Lord let your will be done. I don’t want to stand in your way”.

She too was confirmed with the word where there is no doubt about his calling. With all joy and assurance of Him calling, he put down his papers and started his journey. In the beginning, people around respected him and took him as a great example. His decision impacted many. Some in shock, some in joy. But slowly he started realising his reputation was falling down because whatever he did was a mistake and blunder. He put all his full effort in many places. But nothing worked out. After nine months, he called his wife and said “I am hurt. People don’t give value to my work, no one understands me. And I don’t know why God is doing this with me. Out there, I was a good performer and in here, I am a failure. I am fed up. There is nothing to start with. I am going to quit!”. His wife was more shocked than in the beginning.

She questioned herself “It was God who called him and how can he not be successful?”

Many people come to ministry with expectations of Bed of Roses. But when things don’t work out their way, they decide, they heard wrong. “God didn’t want me to do ministry. It was my emotions!” Few times it’s true, but most of the time it will be wrong.

Ministry is not to quit but it’s a place of rocks and stones. We have to pass through to receive the trophy. Many fail because they quit.

It is not only in ministry, but any place of work. We start something thinking this is God’s will. But when we don’t see the result which we expect, we try to quit from that place and try to jump some where else where there is no trace of God. Haven’t we read the verse, Philippians 1:6 “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns”. Yes, what God started He will bring into completion. But this doesn’t have a time line.

We have to learn to ‘Rest in the Lord and wait for Him to act’

Meanwhile, analyse your situation.
Is there anything standing against you being successful?
Is there something to change in you, to achieve the target?
Is your heart is right before God and Man?
Is there any pride in you?
Is your worldly achievements speaking to you?
Is there any decision made from you of having a back up plan?

Don’t forget that, Moses was a beautiful child who escaped the death snare when he was a babe. But that was just a beginning. When he grew up, he thought his status and education will lead him to save his people and attain a good name. But those qualifications became a horror to him. Then, It took 80 years for him to break and mould himself to a humble man. An expected vessel of God. And when he entered into the path of his calling, it was full of thorns. No one respected his leadership, obeyed his decisions and this led him to become a modern day version. A complaint box. But the best part was that he went to a right person to complain. It was God. He answered him By strengthening and guiding. A great example of Philippians 1:6.

Are we turning our heart to God or to people?
Let our answer be God, who only can bring out the Moses in us.

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3 Responses to Quitting is not a solution. Never give up.

  1. Elihu says:

    God’d timing is not ours. We have to pray for direction, make informed choices and, above all, place our future in submission to God’s perfect will. It typically makes sense only after many years have passed. I often think of Joseph in his prison cell wondering why he he was there in light of the vision from God. Yet he was diligent where he was and God’s plan was fulfilled at the perfect time. He recognized it many years after the fact and he never quit.


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