Fierce look

via Daily Prompt: Fierce

I gave a fierce look…

Me and my family planned for a vacation for a month in Maldives every year. But it never happened. Something or the other pops up as a reason for cancelling it. This was becoming a routine. And as a wife it was hard to accept but I decided that I will never go for a vacation.

I remember that moist morning. At five, I heard my bell rang.wishing someone else will open, I shrank to the bed. Again the bell rang, I turned to check my husband and saw him snoring. With lot of annoyance, I got up and put up my hair. Then ran down and opened the door and gave a fierce look just to see a warm smile as a response. He gently came and handed over an envelope to me which had BOSS on top. Puzzled, I opened to read “hey, I got three tickets to Maldives. Have no plans for now. If your interested plz go ahead. Keep this as my gift”. I raised my eyes to see the man who handed me the cover but he was no where to seen. I have never seen him before nor do I have a boss. But the tickets were to Maldives. I felt God answered my desire and jumped up and down.

I ran up,and slowly started packing things of my husband and child. I wanted to give them a surprise. After packing, I woke them up by a loud scream. They both jumped out of the bed just to see me dancing with some paper.

My husband came running to me “what are you doing? Don’t you see you’re up in the air at 5 ”

I pushed him and said “dear, don’t you see what I am holding in my hand”.

He squeezed his eyes and tried to see what I was holding so precious. He took from my hand and was shocked to see ” What!”.

See, now that’s what I call a surprise.

“Tickets to Maldives….now get ready guys”….I shouted. My husband couldn’t control but just laughed aloud and said “Look! It’s our wedding picture. I’ve been searching this for quite long time to get a portrait” before he could start saying the next word, I took the tickets and saw two smiling faces. My tears fled down. So what I saw was a dream….I really wished.

My husband knew what I was going through. He hugged me and said “Don’t worry, next month we’ll plan”. I just nodded within his warm hug knowing it’s not gonna happen. One more hug from my son made me to think “This is my Maldives””




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