Silence is the Answer: Jesus did so!

“Why don’t you open your mouth and speak? Did you do it or not?” How many of us heard this from someone? Many….

Above is the exact question asked to Jesus by Pilate.
“Why don’t you answer to my question? Don’t you hear how many things they testify against you? I was pretty curious about the whole situation.why didnt Jesus speak up and justify? What’s wrong in telling the truth?

But after reading the scripture on mark 15:2, I came to a conclusion “why to say the same twice?”

Jesus already answered and admitted, (according to Mark), that He is the king of Jews. But Pilate didnt accept but expected some other answer which will calm down the crowd. But No one can change the truth how ever you twist the words.

Certain times, in our lives we face this kind of situation and people.How much ever we say, they don’t accept it because they wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. They have had set their mind that this is correct and the other is wrong. There is no use of stressing the point or arguing the point to such again and again. It’s a waste of energy and time.

The scenario Jesus was going through was the same. In the past,He showered people with wonders and miracles, spoke the word of His father and proved by displaying different signs but their heart was unprepared and hardened. Presently He was beaten, crowned with thorns, slapped by the soldiers and verbally insulted by the same people who witnessed His power. All in public. Who will be bothered about His words? May be there are few but they didn’t  have any voice Or the boldness to come and say “This Man is telling the truth”. But this doesn’t mean they didn’t love Him but this was to happen.

Jesus knew His father’s work started. He accepted and waited for the victory, even though it was painful process to go through.

Certain times, we have to know that “This time, I have to Stop speaking”. In the past, you must have spoken things which was truthful, just and valid. But No one must have given heed or value to that point. These one’s are the bosses of their own heart. They know and value their own points and expect others to own their points even though they act and say that they are ‘Open for suggestion’.

Are you facing this with your boss?
Here is the solution. This time, whisper to yourself “Stop! No use of talking to these people. Be still!”

“Let there be peace! Be still and know that I am your God”. The word still exists. Yes, commit all your ways and works to God and Be still.

Are you going through the process? Do not worry, victory is nearing. It’s around the corner. Wait for the surprise!

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