Who was Jesus friend? Judas!

An 8 year old boy came running to his mom crying and said “I am not his friend!”.
Despite of being so small, he decided that once called “My best friend” turned out to be his enemy just because he didn’t share his chocolate. This is how friendship is measured.
It can be an young or adult, the measurement is same.

When we want to choose a friend, what all we see and ask ourselves?
Is he friendly?
Will she make me smile?
Does he have good money so that we can hang out whole night?
Does my interests match with her?
Will he take my blame?
Does he have a good family background? Now this question is extreme but still exists when choosing friends.

But I am thinking about Jesus. How different was He from a common man. Of course, He is God, but on earth He was just like you and me. Only difference He had was ‘He leaned on His God in everything He did or said”. Are we like that?

Mathew 26 narrates about Jesus last moments on the face of the earth. He was in a sea of emotions.

He was hurt by His own, slapped by His own, betrayed by His own, beaten by His own.

Everything done by His own. How many of us has gone through the similar situation and said “Enough! I am done with this friendship.He is no more my friend”. I Have!

On v 50, Jesus looked at Judas, eye to eye and asks “Friend, why have you come?”.
Jesus knew He was betrayed by His own. The one who walked with Him for three and a half years hearing the word of God, seeing the miracles, experiencing the power and now he came with a warm kiss just for 30 pieces of silver. What kind of relationship is this?

Jesus taught from the beginning how to inherit the kingdom of God but Judas inherited the kingdom of devil.

I don’t know how Jesus must have felt that time.

If I was Him, I must have called ” You cheater” or “You betrayer” or “You Liar”. But that’s me!

Jesus called him “Friend”. Isn’t it shocking?

Yes, it is! But this is what Jesus expects from us.
When people hurt you, turn and tell him ” You are my friend, and I love you. No matter what you do or say, I will keep on loving you”. If this is hard for you, pray to God and He will help you to bring out Christ likeness in you.

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