Eye of Faith: Who rejected God? Others or His Own?

‘Eye of Faith’ is something which is hard to practice by every Christian. But that is the expectation God has set for us from the beginning.

‘God of Deliverance’, is the best description which can be given when He delivered Israelites from the clutches of the Egyptians. Even though Israel was a chosen generation, there was always dissatisfaction in the eyes of Isrealites. They always had the tendency to look back and end up grumbling  and murmuring.

If I was in God’s position I must have changed my chosen generation from Israel to any other country. But God never changes His word. He is faithful. Once He has chosen its chosen and once rejected its rejected even though His grace and mercies follow…..

God did wonders and miracles among Israelites. He provided manna from heaven, protected by His cloud and fire, delivered from hailstorms and pestilence but what did Israel do? Instead of trusting and thanking Him, they looked back to their once called home,Egypt. Other nations had kings where they could see and speak their petitions and solve out their issues.But with them, they had to go through prophets to hear from God. They didn’t like that way but wanted to be their way. How the world follows!

Instead of being honoured and privileged, they complained. In 1 Samuel 10, we see God speaking to Samuel about His rejection. How pathetic! So much done to them but No heart of thankfulness.They wanted their fleshly desire to be fulfilled. Yes, they wanted a king who speaks to them and see them and counsel them. They ignored the rightful owner of them.

After all they had done to God, He forgave them and chose to stay with them but again in vain. They rejected Him according to v 19. Still he didn’t leave them hopeless, but gave a King according to their requests.

Our God is faithful and Just.He doesn’t beg people to love Him or to be with Him.He gives a choice. And it is up to us, what to choose.

How many of us are like Israelites who forget their past and wanted to fulfill the wishes of the flesh?

When God says Look through the eye of faith, we wanted to see the evidence to go forward.
When God says He will bless you with a child, we say ‘I need to see the  scan report’
When God says He will give you a house, we say ‘show me at least a brick’
When God says He will give you a car, we say ‘Show me the money in my account’
When God says You will rise up, we say ‘where are my wings’.
When are we going to learn to see through the eye of faith but always give condition to God saying “Others are having that, so give me something solid to trust you”

How pathetic is God’s condition. Even after saving us from the dark pits we show Him a thankless heart.

Let’s recall our past and dwell in the God’s faithfulness and our testimonies.Let’s believe and trust that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let’s not be like Israelites who seek the touch of world but let’s be like His children who carries the eye of faith.


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