Relationship expects Obedience

Why do our children obey us? Because they are our children. The key word here is OUR. It’s the divine ownership given to us from God.

God’s best gift to a couple is not money or possession but Children. It’s very important for a child to have their parent in every phase of their life and the vice versa. If a parent is absent in a child’s life for any good reason, this can bring an negative effect in their lives.

Name sake relationship between a Child and a parent is not fruitful but when there is love and care from a parent to a child, that relationship will be fruitful. One major fruit seen in such relationship is Obedience.

In Mark 3:33, When Mary and His brothers came to meet Him, Jesus asks “Who is my mother and who is my brother”.Many interpret this verse in a wrong way saying that Jesus didn’t give importance to the family but to his ministry. It’s a big NO. He gave His highest respect for His mother by turning water into wine hearing her word.

He spoke the above word’s to stress on the relationship. He concludes in v 35, “that whoever hears His word and does the will of God is My brother and My mother. He related their presence of earthly relationship, so that people would understand.

Father God through Jesus Christ gave us the freedom to call Him “Abba Father” where there is an expectation of a fruitful relationship. Jesus obeyed His Father in every situation even though certain things were difficult for Him to go through. His obedience till the cross is a classic example for us. Jesus found a way for us to call His father as ‘Abba Father’ then, the expectation from us is to obey His father as Jesus did.

Trinity wants to keep a relationship with us. This relationship can be sustained only through obedience to His word. So hearing His word and walking in His will is the only way to live a fruitful life in this world.

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