Did Mary think before her offering?

I see the red bag moving around. Yes! It’s offering time. I dug my hand into the purse and got hundred dollars. In shock, I slid my hand back to my bag and managed to find a dollar……Does this happen to you during the service?

I like to shed some light on a young woman called ‘Mary’ from our bible. In John 12, we see Jesus and others seated for a supper. Many came to see the risen Lazarus and His miracle worker, Jesus. With all effort and joy, Martha was preparing food for them and wondered where her sister was gone. Few minutes later Mary appears in front of everyone. She picks the bottle in her hand which had the oil of spikenard and poured gently on Jesus’ feet and wiped with her hair. Now that is something unexpected.Every eyes in the room was on her in silence. The fragrance of the oil filled the house which brought the ladies out of their kitchen including Martha.

Slowly whispers starts and we see Judas reacting to he whole event.How about others? Do you think Martha and Lazarus must have jumped on the spot and said “Hurray to our sister!”. They were equally shocked like others. But am wondering how Mary must have felt before pouring the oil on Jesus feet? Let’s not forget that she was on tears.

Spikenard is one plant which grows in Himalayan mountains of India. And it was an imported product of Israel. And of course very expensive. 300 denarii which equals to $ 9,600 which was calculated as one year salary those days.

Didnt she think about spending her life time salary into a feet? What made her do that? Was she in need of a publicity? Never

She had an uncalculating spirit at that moment. She never thought about her family or her future. She wanted to give the best and do the best for Jesus who ministered to her and stood by her side, resurrecting her brother from the dead.His deeds were so overwhelming in her life, she couldn’t contain it! She  didn’t know what to do but took what was the best with her and anointed His feet as an act of worship and thanksgiving.

How many of us were in deep pit? Didn’t Jesus picked us up from the miry clay and gave an assurance of a true home in heaven. Was He calculating and thought “Ok! Now if I save him, will he be a profit to me?” If that was Jesus thought, we all must have been buried by now. Through His love He adopted us and gave the freedom to call His Father as our ‘Abba’. And now we calculate how much to give to Him who gave us everything.

I know it’s easy to say such things as the cost of living is becoming high. But our God is bigger than everything. If He can provide a ram from no where, can’t He provide us?

Think for few minutes before you put your hands into your hand bags. If you get ten dollars, put it back. Search for hundred cause God is watching our heart.

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