Friends like Joshua

How many of us have friends who stands by you, if you have chicken pox? Oops! Now that’s a tough question. The fact is that it spreads! But it doesn’t kill.

But Joshua was one of a kind who was ready to face the edge of the sword in the middle of the night!

Devil watches our testimonies and things what to do next,when it comes to God’s people. Only problem is that we, as children of God don’t realize the power of testimonies we carry in our life. We forget the God who helped us in past can do the same in present.

In Joshua 10, God has given many victories to Joshua and this breaking news was spreading all around the world. This was a disturbing news to the surrounding kingdom. King Adonizedek was one of the victim. He saw the victories and trembled and called up for a meeting with the other kings who want to stand against Joshua. Meeting went well and decision was taken to stand against Gibeon, a great royal city with the mighty men. But they underestimated their friend Joshua. Alternatively, another call was made and the words from Gibeonites were “Do not forsake us.Come up quickly and save us”. Do you remember any cry you made like this to your friend? Did someone responded? If not why?

There goes Joshua, dressed again for war with his mighty men of valor and of course with the promised word from God “Do not fear, for I have delivered them into your hands”.What an assurance! Joshua felt the sound of victory and the smell of feast which was waiting for him in his return.

He fled and fought for his friends, keeping the sun stand still over Gibeon till he cut the throat’s of everyone who said “Let’s kill the peacemakers, Gibeonites”. No doubt in the victory. Men with Joshua raised their swords and gave glory to the Lord God almighty.

Joshua didn’t tell to Gibeonites ‘We will pray for you or Wait upon the Lord’ but he got into the field and fought for and with them.

How many of us have good friends like Joshua who has God as His support and would run to us in times of troubles?
If your answer is No, then it’s high time to pray and ask God for a spiritual friend who has God as His support, who will stand by you in times of your need, comfort when you are in tears, guides you on right direction, corrects you when your feet touches on wrong side.

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